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Please be patient, while YHS WEBSITE is under construction.  During this time of Covid-19, we strive to satisfy all our clients’ needs by providing them with safe and high quality services. Each individual has unique needs for a healthier lifestyle. 
Whether it is supporting employee wellness with virtual corporate wellness workshops (during Covid-19) or individualized nutrition and fitness coaching (also at a distance). 
Check out the services below to see how we can help you!

Corporate Wellness Workshops

Employee healthy living

On-site corporate wellness workshops to help your employees maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

  • Healthy eating on the go

  • Healthy Daily Habits

  • Workplace exercise

  • Posture, Core and more

This service is not offered at this time due to Covid-19.  

Virtual Corporate Wellness Workshops

Health Begins Here

Help your employees stay healthy while working remotely with virtual wellness workshops.

  • Healthy nutrition on the go

  • Exercise anywhere

  • Posture, core and more

  • Healthy daily habits

Working from Home
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Nutrition & Fitness Coaching

Custom to your lifestyle

Whole body custom nutrition and fitness coaching for anyone struggling with their nutrition, fitness, stress management, posture and sleep.  We figure out the challenges that are preventing individuals from achieving their goals.

Outdoor fitness class

Healthy body healthy mind

Outdoor fitness class.  Power your body and challenge yourself with a combination of cardio, strength training, plyo-metrics, core and more.  No class is the same.  All levels welcome. 

Virtual classes available during inclement weather.

Safe distancing practiced during Covid-19.  Minimum attendance to 12.


Virtual FitGym

Fitness anywhere, any time

A safe zone where we can conquer your nutrition, physical and mental fitness goals.  A place of accountability and support.   Get results.

Post-partum fitness

Safe and effective post-partum exercises

Learn how your breathing, posture, alignment and movement impact your results.  Learn how to help heal your diastasis recti and improve your posture and alignment.  Learn how to breathe with movement.

Fitness Ladies
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I’m pretty good at doing my workouts, but the challenge of working nights makes working out and eating right difficult. Thanks to Kim, my friend and coach, I have slowly learned to regulate and finally feel like I’m starting to see results! Honestly couldn’t do it without the special tips from Kim!

Lisa V.

Kim is a talented professional and a beautiful person. Your world will be a better place with her in it.
She is helping me to find my way back to a healthy, happy and purposeful life. After just four sessions with her I am stronger and more motivated than ever to move forward.
There are SO many reasons to recommend Kim - here are just a few:
She leads by example; takes a holistic approach; is totally relatable; frames everything positively; creates efficient, sustainable and fun workouts; is generous with her support and resources; is extremely encouraging and supportive.

Beth M.

I initially reached out to Kim because I wasn’t feeling my best self and wanted to make long-term changes to my lifestyle. Her nutrition expertise along with guided BOD workouts has changed my entire perspective on how to live a healthy life. Kim checks in often with my progress and keeps me motivated to stay on top of my nutrition. I’ve learned from her what is truly important in a diet and I’m finding I’m including more and more veggies with every meal (which is a HUGE change for me). I feel comfortable reaching out to her with any questions and concerns. Kim also emphasizes the importance of a positive mindset, which I think has been the biggest impact she’s made on me. She has definitely helped me change my lifestyle for the better!

Julia J.

"I would recommend that anyone interested in strengthening their core take the time to investigate their abdominal muscular structure and use the technique as a part of a core repair and development conditioning routine. Kim made it easy and customized the routine to meet my unique physical limitations. Her ability to listen and consider all of the options enabled me to succeed and reach the goals I had set."

Doug P.


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