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I first worked with Kim after the birth of my second child.  I had that 'mommy belly' that just wouldn't go away, despite extreme diet and exercise.  Just thirty minutes with Kim completely reoriented me in terms of the issue and the steps I needed to take to address it.  More recently I met with her for a series of weekly sessions and her exercises and tips really helped me address my posture and alignment, creating better habits that will serve me for life!  Her patience, willingness to customize to her client's needs, and great attitude can't be found anywhere else.

Anna C.

"After the birth of my second child, an abdominal surgeon diagnosed a "significant separation" of my abdominal muscles and an umbilical hernia, both of which only surgery could fix. While a tummy tuck appeals to my vanity, the idea of not picking up my kids for three months does not. I found Kim and am so grateful that she's in my life. While my diastasis is slow to heal, I see consistent progress to full healing and general overall improvement in fitness and diet thanks to Kim. Her course is affordable and convenient as she visits my home but most important is Kim herself. She is walking proof that this condition can be healed sans surgery and as a mother, wife, and businesswoman, just like me, she's also a role model. Her compassionate style, solid education, sense of humor and encouraging manner keep me on track. I highly recommend Kim if you are looking to heal your diastasis or if you are just looking to live a healthier lifestyle and need some guidance to get you on the right track."

Dina K.

Kim encompasses everything there is to be an outstanding trainer.  The extent to her knowledge of the human anatomy, her ability to communicate her knowledge, her commitment to making you reach your potential are just a few of her exceptional characteristics.  She continues to evolve in her training and totally practices what she preaches.  Not only when she speaks, but you just have to look at her to see practices what she preaches.  When I first met Kim, she was a spinning instructor at the gym.  At this time I was having an issued with my thyroid which was  totally out of control.  I was seeing the head of endocrinology at Beth Israel and getting no results.  I had one conversation with Kim and she got me the information I needed to resolve my issue.  I could go on and on with accolades for this totally dedicated woman and would be happy to talk about her with anyone.

Betsy P.

I’m pretty good at doing my workouts, but the challenge of working nights makes working out and eating right difficult. Thanks to Kim, my friend and coach, I have slowly learned to regulate and finally feel like I’m starting to see results! Honestly couldn’t do it without the special tips and support from Kim!

Lisa V.

"After being told that surgery was the only way to repair my diastasis, I was so thrilled to find Kim's workshop & found it to be extremely empowering!  It was an opportunity to finally be able to gain more knowledge about diastasis, meet others who have been facing the same frustrations as me & most importantly, learn the tools to actually be able to strengthen & improve my core."

Pamela C.

Kim is a talented professional and a beautiful person. Your world will be a better place with her in it.  She is helping me to find my way back to a healthy, happy and purposeful life. After just four sessions with her I am stronger and more motivated than ever to move forward. There are SO many reasons to recommend Kim - here are just a few: She leads by example; takes a holistic approach; is totally relatable; frames everything positively; creates efficient, sustainable and fun workouts; is generous with her support and resources; is extremely encouraging and supportive.

Beth M.

I initially reached out to Kim because I wasn’t feeling my best self and wanted to make long-term changes to my lifestyle. Her nutrition expertise along with guided BOD workouts has changed my entire perspective on how to live a healthy life. Kim checks in often with my progress and keeps me motivated to stay on top of my nutrition. I’ve learned from her what is truly important in a diet and I’m finding I’m including more and more veggies with every meal (which is a HUGE change for me). I feel comfortable reaching out to her with any questions and concerns. Kim also emphasizes the importance of a positive mindset, which I think has been the biggest impact she’s made on me. She has definitely helped me change my lifestyle for the better!

Julia J.

I would like to give a “shout out” to my Coach Kim Raubenhiemer. I was finally ready to begin my fitness journey. Like many of us “covid” put a “damper” on feeling enthusiastic or energetic. As much as I wanted to, it was too difficult for me to do it alone! I reached out to Kim and she changed my world. With her encouragement, motivation and support, some days I may want to skip but I know my Coach will be there waiting for me with encouragement and it helps me tremendously. Most of all, having Kim as my coach, holds me more accountable than doing it by myself. Kim checks in with me daily and we set up a weekly time to discuss many topics of my fitness and health goals. I know with the support of Kim, I will succeed with my goals and build more self–confidence.

Linda G.

Kim’s sessions are engaging and effective.  I can feel my muscles the next day!  She’s a pleasure to work with, is extremely knowledgeable, and dedicated to her client’s success!

Jessica M.

"I am beyond grateful for Kim's support and passion, especially when it comes to postpartum recovery.  I had a c-section and was struggling to get back on track with my health.  Attending her classes in the first few months of having my second baby gave me both the confidence and the motivation to  get healthy again.  Kim guided me through exercises that took into consideration all of my needs at that time. You won't regret working with her, she's fun, knowledgeable and truly caring."

Mia H.

Services We Offer

How We Can Help

Please be patient, while YHS WEBSITE is under construction. 

We strive to satisfy all our clients’ needs by providing them with safe and high quality services.

Each individual has unique needs for a healthier lifestyle. 

Supporting clients either virtually or in person.

Check out the services below to see how we can help you!

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Custom to your lifestyle

Whole body custom nutrition and fitness coaching for anyone struggling with their nutrition, fitness, stress management, posture and sleep.  We figure out the challenges that are preventing individuals from achieving their goals.


Healthy body healthy mind

Custom small group outdoor fitness class.  Gather your closest friends and keep each other accountable! Power your body and challenge yourself with your friends with a combination of cardio, strength training, plyo-metrics, core and more.  No class is the same.  All levels welcome. Modifications shown.

Gather your friends and let's kick start your day!  Especially Moms with Diastasis Recti.  


Your Health You Decide

Gather your closest friends with some tea or wine or both and host a workshop.  Hostess attends free.
Topics such as  Fuel on the Go, Diastasis Recti, Posture/Alignment/Core, Healthy Lifestyle, Homebound fitness and more... Custom workshops available too! 
Take charge of your health for life.

Fitness Ladies

Safe and effective post-partum exercises

Learn how your breathing, posture, alignment and movement impact your results.  Learn how diastasis recti how to move and exercise safely and improve your diastasis recti.  Learn how to breathe with movement.

Employee healthy living

On-site and virtual corporate wellness workshops to help your employees maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

  • Healthy eating on the go

  • Healthy Daily Habits

  • Workplace exercise

  • Posture, Core and more


Fitness anywhere, any time

A safe zone where we can conquer your nutrition, physical and mental fitness goals.  A place of accountability and support.   Get results.

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Supporting women in all seasons of life

Together we figure out a plan for confident healthier living for life and not just a day or week or month.

Get in touch today!

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