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Passionate about anything wellness

Kim has been passionate about Health & Wellness since she was in her 20's.  

Over the years, she learned the hard way about fueling your body for sports and daily life.  At 23, she hit rock bottom while struggling with anorexia, and decided to learn all she could about nutrition and fitness in order to make positive changes in her life.

Now in her mid-50's, Kim has an abundance of knowledge from her personal journey, that she’s eager to share.  

Kim started Your Health Sense while working full-time as a Print producer and raising two boys (now in their teens).  Kim has taught group exercise classes for decades, and is also a certified Nutritionist. She has continued to stay current with new and emerging trends in the Health, Fitness & Wellness industries with numerous certifications along the way. Kim is a life longer learner and is currently studying for her Postpartum Corrective Specialist Certification. 

Over the years you could often find Kim teaching her outdoor boot camp classes, no matter what the weather was, be it rain, snow or sun.

She continues to coach individuals – from kids to seniors – who are struggling with maintaining healthy nutrition and fitness.  She offers nutrition and fitness programs suitable to their needs. She teaches wellness workshops in every type of company and community.

She especially loves to train kids of all ages for triathlons and running clubs. Her classroom experience includes teaching Nutrition & Fitness class for credit with MIT Physical Education Community Wellness, and Basic Nutrition at a private high school in Belmont. 

Some of Kim's specialties are improving posture, diastsis recti, and nutrition and fitness coaching for aspiring athletes or weekend warriors. 

She is warm, welcoming, a great listener, and looks forward to inspiring others with her enthusiasm for developing healthier habits.


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