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Your Health Sense

Whole body health for busy women; especially with Diastasis Recti

Are you confused, frustrated and not sure where to start with fitness especially if you have Diastasis Recti?  Are you tired of starting and restarting programs without getting the results you are striving for?  

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Commit to you.

Imagine being able to face your day with energy and clarity.
What if you knew what to do for fitness and how to fuel your body? Imagine you knew what to do for your workouts and how to move mindfully with confidence, especially if you have diastasis recti? What would that change for you?  Are you ready?? 


My Story

Why I started Yourhealthsense..

Struggling with my own nutrition and fitness over the years....anorexia in my 20s, Hashimotos in my 30s and beyond, and Diastasis Recti after our 2nd son was born in my 40s, and post menopausal.  Now in my late 50s, I have a lot to share.  I saw a need for supporting women; especially working Moms with diastasis recti.  I did not tap into support while juggling professions and raising our boys.  I wanted to share my knowledge from all my certifications, studying with experts, experimenting on my own body and more with women so they don't have to struggle figuring it out like I did.  YourHealthSense was created while I was raising our boys, working full time as a print producer and teaching fitness and nutrition.  Here's to supporting women!

Services We Offer

How We Can Help

Fitness Group

Free Moms Community

Whole body wellness tips and more

Tips and exercises shared to support Moms through all phases of Mom-hood. Especially with diastasis recti!

Women's Wellness Workshops

Health Begins Here

Help your employees adopt healthier lifestyles with workplace wellness workshops beyond just physical fitness.  Useful health and wellness education topics in an interactive and engaging format customized to suit any audience, especially working Moms.

Fitness Class

Post-partum Fitness

Safely and effectively
exercise post-partum

You will learn how your breathing, posture, and alignment impact your results.  Diastasis recti safe exercises.


In home workshops

Your Health You decide

Gather your closest friends with some tea or wine or both and host a workshop.  Hostess attends free.
Topics such as  Fuel on the Go, Diastasis Recti, Posture/Alignment/Core, Healthy Lifestyle, Homebound fitness and more... Custom workshops available too! 
Take charge of your health for life.

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Nutrition & Fitness Coaching & Classes

For life not just a day

Whole body nutrition and fitness programs and classes for busy women struggling with their nutrition, fitness, stress management, posture and sleep.  We figure out the challenges that are preventing individuals from achieving their goals.

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90 Day Results Challenge

Challenge yourself to get results

Dial in your nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress management, hydration, posture and how you breathe with your movements.  Accountability.  Support.  Motivation.

Interested in learning more about the services we offer? Get in touch today!

Fitness Class

Post-partum Fitness

Safe and effective
exercise post-partum, especially with Diastasis Recti.

After the birth of my 2nd child, my body was different, I knew that my body had changed and not in a good way.
As a fitness trainer, despite my many certifications there was so much missing.  I was determined to find a solution other than surgery.  I sought out as many experts I could find after self diagnosing myself with diastasis recti. 

I used my own body as a case study. I studied under various Physical therapists, Pre & Postnatal Specialists, Chiropractors and Women’s health specialists from around the world to gain more knowledge and perspectives on diastasis recti, breathing, posture and alignment.  I applied all I had learned and continue to learn on my body and healed my own diastasis with exercise, breathing, alignment and posture work.  I feel stronger than I have now in my late 50s than I was in my 20s, 30s and 40s!  I am determined to share all I have learned and continue to learn with women so they can feel confident with daily and purposeful exercise movements for life.


"The greatest wealth is health."


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