Your Health Sense is a nutrition and fitness coaching company created by Kim Raubenheimer.  Kim has always been committed to healthy living.  Kim integrates her diverse background to create an all-encompassing approach to fitness and nutrition.  Kim's mission is to help educate children and adults about the importance of physical activity and healthy nutrition for life, with small palatable changes over time.  Healthy living is not just about being active, but also how you move your body, what you put in and on your body, the quality of your sleep, and your stress management.

Kim also understands the challenges families face when trying to stay in shape, eat healthy, prepare quick healthy meals and achieve fitness goals.  Kim juggles her Nutrition and Fitness Coaching business, while being a Mom, a freelance Print Producer and a part-time IT Recruiter/HR manager.   

She knows the importance of healthy nutrition and fitness.  Kim taught cycling and muscle conditioning while exercising throughout both pregnancies.  Kim also healed her own diastasis (recognized after baby #2) through a custom exercise program.  Her 2nd son was born the day after she taught an hour long cycling class (on the bike). She knows about taking on challenges and has run the Boston Marathon (3 times, 2 times for Team in Training) and the New York Marathon.  Kim participated in numerous Spartan Races, her first one held at Fenway Park on November 17th, 2012.  She placed 12th in her age group, 934 out of 2,538 participants and 197th out of the 920 women that participated.  Since turning 50 in 2015, Kim has been taking and loving Bokatai Kickboxing!

Kim practices what she preaches.  She feels kids need healthy role models and has had her boys in the kitchen helping since they were 2.  Children will often imitate your behavior. 

Kim is a volunteer in Belmont for numerous health and wellness initiatives, Roger Wellington Elementary School Green Committee member, PTA/PTO Green Alliance member, Belmont Public School Committee, Health and Wellness, Greater Boston Health & Wellness Collaborative, and the Belmont Youth Running Club. 

Kim co-created a Youth Running Club with Becca Pizzi and Nicole Girouard in Belmont.  Kids ages 8 and up meet every Friday morning at 7am to run with the kids around the Belmont Reservoir before school to charge their bodies and their brains.  Email Kim for more information.

When Kim is not teaching nutrition and/or fitness classes, you might find her taking a hot yoga class, boxing, cooking a new recipe, camping or doing something fun with her two busy boys and husband. 

Spartan Race.
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