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Your Health Sense is a nutrition and fitness coaching company created by Kim Raubenheimer.  Your Health Sense is focused on custom individualized Nutrition and Fitness programs for anyone struggling with their nutrition, fitness, core strength, and mindful movements.  We figure out the challenges that are preventing individuals from achieving goals.  We work together and come up with programs that work with a busy lifestyle.  We specialize in Diastasis Recti especially with individuals who have been to PT and want continued support with their purposeful exercise routines.  

We also provide custom Wellness workshops for companies looking to keep their employees living healthy lives.

Kim learned the hard way learning about what was healthy for her body in her 20's.  Now in her 50's, she has lots of knowledge to share.  "In my early 20's, I hit a very low point with my health, I kept losing weight, my hair was falling out and cuts were not healing, I knew something had to change.  I was intentionally working out crazy and not providing my body with the nutrients and fuel it needed for my daily activities and especially my workouts.  Instead of strengthening my body, I was destroying it.  I was then determined to learn all I could about nutrition and fitness.  I also wanted to share this knowledge and help others."  

Kim integrates her diverse background to create an all-encompassing approach to fitness and nutrition.  She has numerous nutrition and fitness certifications.  Precision Nutrition, Kickboxing, Diastasis Recti Rehab, Outdoor Bootcamp, Indoor cycling, Kids Fitness and many more. 

Kim's mission is to help educate children and adults about the importance of physical activity and healthy nutrition for life, with small palatable changes over time.  Healthy living is not just about being active, but also how you move your body, what you put in and on your body, the quality of your sleep, and your stress management.

Kim also understands the challenges families face when trying to stay in shape, eat healthy, prepare quick healthy meals and achieve fitness goals.  Kim juggles her Nutrition and Fitness Coaching business, while being a Mom of 2 busy boys, a freelance Print Producer and a part-time IT Compliance/HR manager.    

Kim turned 50 in 2015 and keeps moving mindfully.  She knows the importance of a healthy lifestyle.  Kim taught cycling and muscle conditioning while exercising throughout both pregnancies.  Kim also healed her own diastasis (recognized after baby #2) through a custom exercise program.  She sees clients privately for Diastasis Recti if needed, as well teaches workshops.

How To Check For Diastasis Recti

When Kim is not teaching nutrition and fitness or coaching clients, you will find her doing something fun outside with her two busy boys and husband, boxing or taking on some new fitness challenge.

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