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Fitness Ladies

Post-partum fitness

Safe and effective post-partum exercises

Learn how your breathing, posture, alignment and movement impact your results.  Learn how to help heal your diastasis recti and improve your posture and alignment.  Learn how to breathe with movement.

After the birth of my 2nd child, my body was different, despite being a fitness trainer, I knew that my body had changed and not in a good way.
As a fitness trainer, I dove in to figure it out, despite my many certifications I knew there was something missing.  I sought out as many experts I could find after self diagnosing myself with diastasis recti. 

I used my own body as a case study. I studied under various Physical therapists, Pre & Postnatal Specialists, Chiropractors and Women’s health specialists from around the world to more gain more knowledge and perspectives on diastasis recti, posture, alignment and breathing.  I put it all into place and healed my own diastasis without surgery.  I don't have the hip pain I used to, I don't leak when I run or with any impact and I am stronger than in my 20s, 30s, and 40s. Now in my late 50s,  I am determined to share all I have learned and continue to learn with women so they can feel confident with their body and with purposeful and daily movement for life.

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