Do you and your co-workers want to avoid post lunch lulls at your company? Do you want to avoid feeling deprived but lose weight? Do you dread meal planning? Are you unsure of what items to have in your pantry or on hand to make healthy tasty meals? Do you want your kids to learn about healthy eating habits?

Studies have shown eating healthy and being active increases productivity in the workplace. It is also an effective way to lose weight without feeling deprived. If you have the right healthy choices on hand for meal preparation it is easier to prepare meals that are good for your body.

You will learn the answers to the questions above and more when you book a seminar, workshop or take a class with Your Health Sense. Nutrition workshop and class topics can be customized to suit the audience's culture, lifestyle and needs.

Topics for nutrition workshops offered by YHS:
Healthy nutrition on the go
Food and personal skin care label reading
Posture, Core and More
Fuel for your workouts

Custom topics available upon request.

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