For Fitness training and classes:

"This year, for the New England Kids Triathlon 2018, Kim has been coaching the Belmont Super Triathlon team comprised of 75 elementary and middle school kids, with Becca Pizzi. Over one thousand kids participated in this event held at MIT. The triathlon was not only challenging but also complex.  Based on their age, the kids swam, biked and ran specific distances while independently transitioning from each activity. Many of the kids trained weekly with Kim and Becca from late May to early July. Although I have known Kim for a few years and have learned many things regarding nutrition and health from her, I was particularly impressed by Kim’s coaching abilities. She was patient and very responsible in training the kids. I was surprised by her competence in managing many boys and girls under all circumstances: in the swimming pool, parking lot and on the high school track. She captured the children’s attention and they followed her instructions. She has a special ability to calm the kids and to coach them in a way that they can easily follow. As a mom whose son participated in and completed a full triathlon course, I truly appreciate Kim’s tremendous effort in training my son as well as other Belmont kids."  - Shucha Z., Belmont, MA

Kim is a super-dedicated trainer, who takes a very practical approach to health.  Working with her made me much more mindful of the choices I make about food, exercise and posture.  I wish I could follow her advice, and be half as fit as she is, all the time! - Alyssa, Lexington, MA

"I have trained with Kim for over 6 years and she is fantastic!  Kim is always well prepared and manages her classes extremely well.  She has taught me so much about the importance of form and proper breathing in order to achieve maximum results.   She is a consummate professional.  Her vast knowledge of health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition makes her classes more than just a workout.
Kim is the best trainer I have worked with." Jodi, Belmont, MA

"After dealing with lumbar spine problems and sciatic nerve pain for many years, I learned about specific exercises which could strengthen my transverse muscles and better reinforce the abdominal areas vital in supporting the lumbar spine. Kim Raubenheimer took the time to train and coach me.
I am happy to say that not only was the training beneficial but I have achieved the lumbar support that has helped to alleviate the sciatic pain associated with my disc issues. On top of the strength benefits, I was also able to better hit the abdominal muscles as a part of core training. The fitness program, along with a better diet have resulted in a loss of two inches in my waist.

Kim made it easy and customized the routine to meet my unique physical limitations. Her ability to listen and consider all of the options enabled me to succeed and reach the goals I had set." - Doug P., Vero Beach, FL

"Kim has been undoubtedly one of the most influential and supportive people to have helped me continue following my dreams and training hard to run the 2009 Boston Marathon. As a runner with little experience in the racing world, Kim has provided me with tools and advice on everything, from what shoes to wear, to the foods that are best for optimal performance, and moral support and encouragement. It seems every time I have yet another few miles to go, Kim is right there to give me positive support and inspire me to continue working hard. Not only is she a wonderful and caring individual, but Kim also provides invaluable knowledge about the running world gained from personal experience. I regard her words with utmost respect; she is very resourceful when it comes to anything fitness related and if she is not sure of an answer to any question I may have, she does not hesitate to let me know and get back to me as soon as possible to give me the best answer possible. A wonderful woman, strong both physically and mentally, she has been my inspiration to pursue my goals, and there remains no doubt in my mind that without her to guide me I may very well have quit miles ago."
Dana B. Newton, MA    (Dana finished the 2009 Boston Marathon in 3 hours and 40 minutes)

"Kim has consistently improves year after year as a strong kick-butt spin instructor. I have been a long time attendee of Kim’s spin classes. I was there for her first class she taught and her music and her workout even then were of the highest caliber. If I could take more classes with her I would! She is a great example of a spin instructor that understands the body and how to get the maximum out of it in 45 minutes." - Deb M., Cambridge, MA

"Kim is a wonderful instructor.  She really inspired me that my tummy could be toned. Kim is a very patient trainer and she ensures everyone understands correct form.  I am so happy that my tummy is getting smaller and my husband said I look great!" - Candace - Boston, MA

"I started with Kim's boot camp and am so glad I did.  She provides a rigorous program while encouraging and modifying for my individual needs.  I never felt any judgement - phew!  And working out with others is always easier than trying to get motivated by myself.  My girls like learning the exercises I do at boot camp.  When I get home, they ask, "What did Kim teach you today?"  Kim has made a welcomed impact on all of us.  While shopping for clothes, I spied my kids doing lunges in the store, and I knew they were thinking of Kim!" -Lauren R., mother of two, Belmont, MA

Kim is lovely.  She's straightforward and very focused on each person.  Her personal experience with the ab separation gives her a lot of empathy and allows her to relate to what her students are going through!  She keeps the focus on the muscle strength, not the measurement of your waist or your weight or how you look, and is positive and encouraging.  I heartily endorse Kim and her services." - Alison Mitchell, mother of two daughters

"I had my first child 6 years ago and quickly got back into shape after giving birth. Then 3 years ago I had twins. It was much harder for me to get back into shape after this pregnancy. As much as I tried toning my stomach area, nothing I did made the bulge right under my breasts go away not to mention the poochy area below that.   She helped me totally transform my body. I NEVER thought I would see the day when the bulge under my breasts would disappear, but I did!! About a week into working with Kim, I noticed a huge difference in that area. After 6 weeks even more of a difference. Kim was amazingly supportive and really encouraged me, but never in a pushy way. She is very knowledgeable, encouraging and always available when I have questions about doing the proper exercises. Honestly, without Kim's help, I would still be at the gym doing the wrong exercises. I can't wait to wear form fitting shirts again this summer. I've been avoiding them because of the bulge I used to have that is amazingly gone now! Thanks Kim!" -Kim W, Winchester, MA

"Like a lot of guys, I've always loved to play sports.  From baseball, football and track when I was younger to Frisbee and skiing these days, I feel better about myself when I get out and move around.  But through my 20s, I got complacent about fitness.  The time spent in chairs added up and before I knew it, I couldn't get out to play sports without hurting myself.  Some days, I couldn't even sit in my chair without injury ... back spasms that would tighten up and keep me hobbled for a week or more at a time.

Then my wife suggested I take her place at Boot Camp one day.  The first class was hell.  Not hell like Army Boot Camp where it's all yelling and torture designed to crush your soul.  Kim is the nicest lady you could ever meet.  It was just physically painful and exhausting.  I joked about it, but I was gassed, practically from the start.  But from some reason I went back the next week ... and then the next week ... and the next week.  And after a couple months, I could really say I was starting to get in shape.  My workouts were getting easier as my fitness level was improving.  I noticed that I didn't have to stop running after 15 minutes when I went to play Frisbee.

Fast forward almost a year from that first Boot Camp class, and I feel great.  I mean really great.  I've been doing two of Kim's workouts a week for the past two months, and finally took a week off because I was sick.  After resting for that week, I went out and skied better than I've ever skied before.  Because of my fitness level, I was able to get down difficult terrain faster and maintain good technique longer than I ever had before, even in my college athlete days.  And the next day, I was barely sore, which hasn't happened since I was about 16.

Maybe even more important, I feel great when I'm not playing sports.  I'm the type who loses weight when I get out of shape, so it's great to look (relatively) solid and muscular again.  It's great to move with authority.  It's great to lift things easily.  You might just say, it's great to feel like a man again.

Like many guys, I initially had to swallow my pride when it came to doing a "womens" workout.  But the truth is, while Kim won't have me bench pressing 400 lbs. (she would if that was my goal), Boot Camp and KOGA are exactly what a lot of us need.  At least those of us whose back, hamstrings, or hips might be just a little tight.  Or those of us who could stand to improve our speed, agility, balance, and explosiveness or overall fitness level.  You know, the things you need to play sports"-Brian C., Belmont, MA

"I have taken Kim's Spinning classes at CAC for over 6 years and always get a great workout.  She does a fantastic job keeping her routines challenging for all levels from beginners to advanced road cyclists.  Kim creates a welcoming, motivating environment in all her classes and is particularly adept at supporting newcomers to the class.  Her knowedge of cycling mechanics (including bike set up, proper form and technique) is complemented by her overall deep understanding of fitness and health.  I would highly recommend her class to anyone who is either taking his/her first Spinning class or who is looking for additional strength and endurance conditioning for outdoor cycling." - Beth R., Cambridge, MA

“Kim gets us off to a great start on Friday mornings, with a high energy Spin class. Her class at Waverly Oaks is a terrific introduction to Spin if you’re new, but it’s a challenging workout for anyone.“ - Cindy B., Waltham, MA

"I've been spinning under Kim's direction for a couple of years -- and each class is better than the last.  She is consistent, challenging and calm -- and she only asks that we work as hard as we can each time. And, always with a smile." - Anne-Marie A., Waltham, MA

"I have been exercising for many years and spinning has been a large part of my exercise regime.  Kim’s spinning class is one of the best I have experienced.  Her knowledge and expertise assures you will get the maximum benefit while using the correct form to reduce likelihood of injury.  I need the Music to help keep me motivated especially at 6:00 AM classes. She knows how to do a good mix that keeps you going." - Betsy P., Belmont, MA

"Kim’s outdoor bootcamp classes are a concentrated 60 minutes of energizing fitness.  Kim is very skilled at balancing the fitness levels and needs of each individual at her class and tailoring specific intensities for all.  Kim’s emphasis on correct technique and stretching ensure a safe, maximum work-out that may leave you feeling sore “in a good way” while also making you glad you joined the day’s class.  As a mom who occasionally travels for work and struggles with work/life imbalance, I found Kim’s classes the most efficient use of the limited time I have for exercise for each.  Bootcamp with Kim is a “treat myself” experience versus the “to do list” feel of just going to the gym."  Katy, Belmont, MA

For Nutrition coaching and workshops:

"I had the good fortune of meeting Kim from Your Health Sense this spring through my personal trainer. It was truly a transformative experience as her education and guidance allowed me to fully understand the nutritional balance necessary for weight loss, and implement these practices into my daily life. The take away was NOT to not focus on weight loss but more on changing my approach to food and ultimately overall nutrition." - Ellen G., Boston, MA

"As a psychologist, I¹m especially concerned that any working relationship I engage in feel both warm and professional. After my first few interactions with Kim Raubenheimer, I knew I'd found the perfect person to help give me the guidance I needed in developing a healthier approach to feeding my family. She's not only extremely knowledgeable about the technical side of nutrition; she's also creative and flexible. She listened closely to my family's needs, and gave me guidance that was both manageable and tailored to our lifestyle, all with an air of warmth and collaboration that I look for and admire in any of my professional relationships. With Kim you'll get specific and wise guidance, and you'll have a great time, too!" - Jennifer Leigh, PhD, Belmont, MA

"After a long winter, several of our family members had put on extra weight.  Having particular concern about our nine year old girl, I turned to Kim for help.  I'm so glad we did.  Kim's gentle, hands-on approach gave our kids the critical information they need to make good choices about what they eat.  She focused on healthy eating, physical activity and strong bodies, never mentioning dieting which was most important to me in relating to my growing girls and body image.  They learned about serving size and product labels.  Now I don't have to say, "That's too much," I can just say, "Is that a serving?" I started with Kim's boot camp and am so glad I did.  She provides a rigorous program while encouraging and modifying for my individual needs.  I never felt any judgement - phew!  And working out with others is always easier than trying to get motivated by myself.  My girls like learning the exercises I do at boot camp.  When I get home, they ask, "What did Kim teach you today?" Kim has made a welcomed impact on all of us.  While shopping for clothes, I spied my kids doing lunges in the store, and I knew they were thinking of Kim!" -Lauren R., mother of two, Belmont, MA

"Thank you for the fantastic Nutrition Workshop you presented to Belmont Nursery School.  My staff raved about your very informative workshop on diet, metabolism and the importance of paying attention to food labels.  The tips on nutrition (how best to fuel your body) and insight into understanding food labels was a hit with us all!  Your expertise in this area and your teaching style are a perfect combination!"    -Nancy McQuiggan-Elander, Owner, Belmont Nursery School

"Thank you so much for putting on the nutrition seminar on March 16, 2011.  I came away with many helpful tidbits for shopping and eating healthier.  I never understood why trans fats were worse than others, so I found that especially interesting.  Thanks again."  -Kristen F. 

"Our time with Ms. Raubenheimer was well spent.  I have learned the value of maximizing the nutrition of snacks and the importance of avoiding certain ‘unhealthy’ foods except for special occasions. I have also learned how to squeeze a little exercise and fitness into my day. My brother has become an avid reader of labels…holding the entire family accountable for making sure we are eating wholesome foods. My parents have even learned how to adjust their cooking styles in order to make meals more nourishing for us all. We thank Ms. Raubenheimer for sharing her expertise in order that we might be a truly healthy family."   -Christopher, Age 13

"Your Health Sense helped me understand I was not eating enough and not eating the right choices to lose body fat and maintain energy for my daily activities and my workouts."  Heidi, Franklin, MA

"For the past year, Kim from Your Health Sense has been advising me on nutrition and healthy food choices.   She is extremely knowledgeable and provides great support to keep you on track toward your goals!  Working with Your Health Sense has been an amazing experience and I recommend them for anyone looking to make a positive change in their lifestyle."   Stephanie, Somerville, MA

"I was working with Ellen for a whole year before I met Kim. Ellen was a 53 yr old former collegiate and Olympic athlete. She had aches, pains, and stiffness all over her body from years of pounding on the field. Over the course of our year together she made great improvements in her mobility and strength but no matter what I tried her energy levels were always very low and she would not let go of much body fat. I finally realized it MUST be her diet that was holding her back because she was working very hard in the gym. I was tired of not seeing her get the results from all the work she was putting in.

Fortunately, I met Kim around the same time and was greatly impressed with her practical knowledge of nutrition. She seemed to have a real passion for helping and a realistic understanding of what works. I referred Ellen to Kim and the rest is history! Really, Ellen's fitness training all came together at that point. We saw the change almost immediately. Kim got Ellen to actually EAT more than once a day and to drink water throughout the day. The difference was tremendous, the weight started falling off, she was moving better, her skin looked healthier, and her energy was WAY up.

I had been telling Ellen for sometime she should eat breakfast, drink more water, etc. Anyone can tell you to eat right and drink water but how many people can actually invoke the habit change within you. Only a very good coach can and I'm grateful that Kim is that kind of coach!"- Mike Rapoza, CPT

“In March, I attended Kim’s seminar, Healthy Eating for Busy People. Kim was credible and knowledgeable about the various topics covered. The topic I enjoyed most was Reading Food Labels. I now know what to look for and stay away from when buying food products. I find myself looking for serving size, transfat, whole grain and if I can recognize the names of the ingredients listed. Kim also touched upon Hydration. I knew hydration was important, but didn’t understand why. After hearing about the effects of dehydration, I’m definitely drinking a lot more water! Overall, I found the seminar to be not only informative, but interesting. Kim tailored the presentation to what my co-workers and I were interested in.” - Katie Healy, Boston, MA

"Kim came to my StrollerFit fitness class and did a talk for the moms on pre and post workout fueling. The talk was great! She was well prepared, and her talk was engaging, thoughtful and incredibly informative. I was impressed with how well she tailored her talk to the specific needs of our group  and loved how she brought examples of snacks to show everyone and left us with handouts that included recipes for us to try at home. Kim was available to the women for questions both during and after the discussion and even supplied her email address for follow up questions. The dedication she has to her profession shines through brightly. I will definitely use Kim in the future!"  -Diane Pokorny Wilson, Stroller Fit Franchise Boston owner 

"I found your talk to and handouts to be so helpful too - thank you for being such a valuable resource!!" - Monica D., a Stroller Fit member

"Kim’s Nutrition 101 workshop at MIT was great! She was able to cover a lot of information in each area of basic nutrition in a short amount of time, while making sure everyone’s questions were answered to the best of her ability. She has a wealth of knowledge that she is excited to share with everyone. From additional hand-outs to informative websites Kim’s recommendations make a difference!" -Jody A. Mello, Assistant Aquatic Director, MIT Recreational Sports

"Kim, I was so glad to have taken your recent nutrition class.  A lot of material was covered in a short period of time due to your hours of research and experience, which made it easy as a participant to absorb.  Thank you so much!”  -Tom Niles, (attended MIT Rec Sport Nutrition for Weight Management 4 class session)

"I got to know Kim as the instructor of Active Nutrition class at MIT.  Her friendly and approachable personality allowed me to ask lots of questions I've had in the past regarding fitness and nutrition.  Her class was very practical and I learned a lot of useful information: she brought props to show us what actual portions and serving sizes were like, as well as actual food/snack products that were healthy.  Even when I knew about what kind of food is good for me, I didn't know which actual product I was able to trust - Kim helped me find out how I can make sure I am buying healthy choices (i.e. whole grain, complex carbs, etc).  I have been able to feel energized throughout the day after I took Kim's class and have been able to enjoy my gym experience even more!"  -MIT graduate student, 2009

"When I heard that Kim Raubenheimer was working in the nutrition field, I knew that she would be the perfect person to conduct a workshop for my staff.  Because of her warm, positive manner and knowledgeable attitude, I knew she would be able to connect and educate the preschool teachers.  Kim was willing to listen to our needs and tailor the workshop to our specifications.  It was quite a success!  The teachers appreciated the way in which Kim conveyed the valuable nutrition information using lots of visual aids and handouts.  In the future, Kim will be presenting a similar workshop to the parents and will be acting as a consultant to the Children's Center."   - Regina Nazzaro, Director, Russell J. Call Children's Center Northeastern University

"Kim presented a short talk to kick off my Boot Camp course this Spring.  The discussion was on choosing the right foods for fueling your body pre and post workout.  The talk was well thought out, informative and interactive.  She even brought samples of some good food choices, which was useful for encouraging discussion amongst the participants.  Everyone came away from the talk having learned something useful to their wellness goals.  I highly recommend Kim, she is knowledgeable, reliable, and presents information in a user-friendly manner." - Liz Carlson, Certified Group Fitness Instructor

"I wanted to take a moment to compliment as well as thank you for the wonderful workshop you presented to our employees here at UniGraphic. I compliment you because it was informative and fun at the same time. I thank you because the information was useful for improving every day life. Your presentation prompted a great discussion among the attendees which again was a lot of fun. We have shared the information and recipes with those who could not make it. We look forward to having more workshops on the many topics you offer. If they are anything like the one we just had, we know we will enjoy!"  Thank you, Marsha Webb HR Manager, Unigraphics