Your Health Sense Nutrition

One on one nutrition fitness coaching

All nutrition consultations are focused on the individual needs and lifestyle factors of the client. Lifesaving nutrition education in conjunction with fitness programming.  You will work with Kim to establish realistic SMART goals.  No quick fixes; but lifestyle modifications to last a life time.

YHS Nutrition & fitness package

A customized nutrition and fitness package based upon your goals and your lifestyle.  You will learn healthy ways to reach your SMART goals and maintain them for life not just a quick fix.  Menu plans and fitness programs established.  You will be educated on how to make healthy choices and how to read food labels.  You will be armed with the education to maintain your weight for life, on your own, without having to join and rejoin diet programs. 

Follow-up appointments(45 minutes/30 minutes):

Continued guidance provided for nutrition and health goals. Both long and short-term goals are reassessed, appropriate nutrition education is given, and on-going support provided for nutritional concerns. These follow-ups allow for you to go at your own pace and set your priorities for making long-term lifestyle changes and achieve your personal health goals.

YHS Accountability program (3 months, 6 months or 1 year plan):

Continued support to hold you accountable for the goals you have established. To maintain your healthy lifestyle with nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress management and hydration.  Once a week phone calls and twice a month in home visits.  Keep that commitment to yourself.

Sports nutrition assessment

If you are a weekend warrior or a competitive athlete, learn what to eat before, during and after workouts to boost your energy, lose body fat, build muscle and achieve optimum sports performance.

Weight management nutrition assessment

Are you tired of joining the same weight control groups every year and re-establishing the same goals? Diets don’t work. Learn the facts for lifelong weight management. Assessment of current eating and activity habits, food analysis based upon food records, eating patterns for all day energy maintenance without feeling deprived.

Family nutrition plan

The number of children diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity has doubled in past 30 years. Your children watch and imitate what their parents do both nutritionally as well as activity-wise. Get your whole family on track to a healthy lifestyle. Help with determining SMART goals for the entire family for nutrition and fitness. Quick and healthy snack tips. Learn the basics of healthy eating together.

Pantry Make-over

A comprehensive makeover of what's in your pantry and fridge. An informative non-judgmental critique of the contents of your refrigerator/cupboards.  Food label reading.  Recommendations and healthy tips.


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