Fitness/Diastasis Recti

Are you tired of being tired? Do you find your sleep is sleepless? Are you irritable or moody? Do you lack motivation? Are you breathless walking up a flight of stairs? Do you want to start an exercise program but don’t know how?  Are you working out hard but cannot lose that belly bulge?  Are you moving your body but not getting the results you seek?  

Do you know how to check if you have a diastasis?  Do you know what to do and what exercises you should not do, if you have one?  Learn how posture and alignment can contribute to having a strong core and pelvic floor or lack there of.

"I just need someone to get me and keep me on track!"  

Typically people come to Your Health Sense when they are struggling trying to figure out a fitness regime that can keep them motivated. Or sometimes they don’t know what to do for exercise, don't know the proper form or don't know how often they should they exercise. Exercise coupled with healthy nutrition can help with increased energy levels, help get a better night sleep, and manage stress levels.

Your Health Sense has helped people figure out a lifetime fitness regime along with the appropriate nutritional needs for their lifestyle.   Learn how to move your body correctly for purposeful exercise and everyday activities.

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"Kim has consistently improves year after year as a strong kick-butt spin instructor. I have been a long time attendee of Kim’s spin classes. I was there for her first class she taught and her music and her workout even then were of the highest caliber. If I could take more classes with her I would! She is a great example of a spin instructor that understands the body and how to get the maximum out of it in 45 minutes." - Deb M., Cambridge, MA

"I have taken Kim's Spinning classes at CAC for over 6 years and always get a great workout.  She does a fantastic job keeping her routines challenging for all levels from beginners to advanced road cyclists.  Kim creates a welcoming, motivating environment in all her classes and is particularly adept at supporting newcomers to the class.  Her knowedge of cycling mechanics (including bike set up, proper form and technique) is complemented by her overall deep understanding of fitness and health.  I would highly recommend her class to anyone who is either taking his/her first Spinning class or who is looking for additional strength and endurance conditioning for outdoor cycling." - Beth R., Cambridge, MA

“Kim gets us off to a great start on Friday mornings, with a high energy Spin class. Her class at Waverly Oaks is a terrific introduction to Spin if you’re new, but it’s a challenging workout for anyone.“ - Cindy B., Waltham, MA

"I've been spinning under Kim's direction for a couple of years -- and each class is better than the last.  She is consistent, challenging and calm -- and she only asks that we work as hard as we can each time. And, always with a smile." - Anne-Marie A., Waltham, MA

"I have been exercising for many years and spinning has been a large part of my exercise regime.  Kim’s spinning class is one of the best I have experienced.  Her knowledge and expertise assures you will get the maximum benefit while using the correct form to reduce likelihood of injury.  I need the Music to help keep me motivated especially at 6:00 AM classes. She knows how to do a good mix that keeps you going." - Betsy P., Belmont, MA

"Kim’s outdoor bootcamp classes are a concentrated 60 minutes of energizing fitness.  Kim is very skilled at balancing the fitness levels and needs of each individual at her class and tailoring specific intensities for all.  Kim’s emphasis on correct technique and stretching ensure a safe, maximum work-out that may leave you feeling sore “in a good way” while also making you glad you joined the day’s class.  As a mom who occasionally travels for work and struggles with work/life imbalance, I found Kim’s classes the most efficient use of the limited time I have for exercise for each.  Bootcamp with Kim is a “treat myself” experience versus the “to do list” feel of just going to the gym."  Katy, Belmont, MA - Age 43

"Kim has been undoubtedly one of the most influential and supportive people to have helped me continue following my dreams and training hard to run the 2009 Boston Marathon. As a runner with little experience in the racing world, Kim has provided me with tools and advice on everything, from what shoes to wear, to the foods that are best for optimal performance, and moral support and encouragement. It seems every time I have yet another few miles to go, Kim is right there to give me positive support and inspire me to continue working hard. Not only is she a wonderful and caring individual, but Kim also provides invaluable knowledge about the running world gained from personal experience. I regard her words with utmost respect; she is very resourceful when it comes to anything fitness related and if she is not sure of an answer to any question I may have, she does not hesitate to let me know and get back to me as soon as possible to give me the best answer possible. A wonderful woman, strong both physically and mentally, she has been my inspiration to pursue my goals, and there remains no doubt in my mind that without her to guide me I may very well have quit miles ago."
Dana B. Newton, MA    (Dana finished the Boston Marathon in 3 hours and 40 minutes)

Kim teaching Spinning,                                     
3 weeks post partum 2nd child, 2007.

Kim at Spartan Fenway, Nov 2012



Kim at Spartan Fenway, Nov 2013